Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey, Boys!

This morning is my last class of Management. 2 weeks later I'll have FINAL EXAM FOR SEMESTER TWO!! *bang my head to the wall*
My lecturer, Mr. Hani, talked alota things not only about the chapter we discussed (Organizational Control and Change). As usual, he often talked about his life or his experience. And I dont know why, the one I'll write here inspires me so much.

I forget about the beginning, but he suddenly said that there are only 0.005% population of women could lose their weight and not re-gain the loss.
Mr. Hani: "That's why, whenever I see my wife, maybe I should change my mindset by repeating these words: 'Big is beautiful, big is beautiful, big is beautiful...' every morning. I wont promise that the suggestion will stuck on me, but seeing the number, I'm just doing the best. Women, when they lose their weight even just one kilogram, they'll eat much again and you see their weight will be increased more than the kilogram they lose."

That reminded me to my high-school friend. She's a girl; rich and pretty. But she believed that BEAUTY MEANS SLIM AND THIN AND WHITE SKIN.
She did diet, just ate vegetables everyday. Once a week, she had privilege to eat some meats. But when I saw her on the day she ate meats, SHE ATE LOTS!
She's so stupid, I told to myself. However she tried to lose her weight, she'd never be slimmer than before. Cuz the next day she did diet, she's just trying to lose the calory and fat from the meats she ate once a week.

That was the wrong understanding about the term "diet", by the way.

Seeing the fact, Boys, I'd like to tell ya that whatever you say about the beauty is a shit! Because you believe that beauty means slim body and white skin. Why dont you try to change your mindset like Mr. Hani and accepting girls for what they are, not what they should be?

Smell ya later,


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