Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forever The Sickest Kids - She Likes (CRAZEEEEEHHH FOR FTSK AND KYLE!! :P)

Yeah. My title should have described well ;)

These are videos for the Official Music Video of "She Likes (Bittersweet Love)" from the album The Weekend: Friday. There are three parts and titled PPPGA (Professional Putting People's Golf Association) TOUR.

This is the first part and just showing the mysterious invitation for FTSK dudes ;)
Btw I've captured Kyle's part and it's BLUE!! I♥it even much moreeeee~

Then, this is the part two when they all meet, gear up and commenting each other. Just like the REAAAAL reality show (or whatever!)
Kyle says that golf is just like polo, or something ;p

Theeeeeen, thissssss is the last part (and Kyle got unclassified *sigh*):

Sooo, there they are!
Huge thaaaaaanks special for Harie for telling me about this band (first time I heard about FTSK was when Harie told me to download their songs: Believe Me When I'm Lying and Hey Brittany).

Smell ya later!


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