Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Helloooooo :)

First, before I go on, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best mates: Arnindhita Lei Sugiarto and Esti Maharini! :D
Well, actually, I want to make a posting about a lil surprise for Esti but since the photos haven't been transferred from her phone, I'll do it later.

Shortly, Dito and I went to her house at midnite and give her a cute birthday cake with Hello Kitty face on it. And it's a pink, guys. If you know what Esti looks-a-like, I bet you'll laugh and think it's a GREAT choice *peace*

And for Dhita, I couldnt give her any surprise because I couldnt stand to go to her house at midnite. I always say to her that her house is in "Pucuk Donya". That's Javanese, means her house is SO FVCKIN DAMN FAR!! So I called her with Esti at 2 am and we sang a very-very-very BEAUTIFUL birthday song LOL

Nah, since I still have no photos to be posted about what happen last nite, so I'll make this one :p

It's all about photos of a guy named Kyle Burns, the drummer of Forever The Sickest Kids. I've just browsed his photos and DAMN HE'S CUTEEEEEEE!!!!♥

I don't know why, for these days I've found many guys too awsum to be ignored like Kyle and Tyson Ballou. About Tyson, he's a male model for D&G and he's haaaaaawwwwtttt! But maybe I'll post pics of him later x)

Now all I can say is: Enjoy! ;D
(credits to http://kyleburns.org for these pics♥)

♥ thissss

uoooohh, see those lips? LOL

Kyle + drums = ♥

damn, he looks gooooooood!♥


Smell ya later!


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