Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obsessed and Obsession

(This is a post I've written about a week ago and I just saved it to the draft. Okay, since I've been such a FOOL and ABSURD, finally I publish it. Enjoy my stupidity!♥)

No more question.
I've written about the guy I'm obsessed to.

This is all because "Perahu Kertas".
For those who don't know what "Perahu Kertas" is, it is a novel written by Dewi Lestari aka Dee. The story is about Kugy, the eccentric girl who loves fairytale so much, meets a guy named Keenan, handsome guy and loves art.
This is all about Kugy's bittersweet love.
It's a happy ending, of course.

Well, bittersweet love.
Sometimes I have no idea why people always say a phrase like that. How come bitter and sweet comes together; and followed by 'love'?

That's what bein obsession for me. Yeah, you may say I'm a fool and bein fooled by a novel. I dont care, as long as I can dream. My Dreamland is the only place I feel safe and where I could keep anything I want.
But havin a love life like K+K, I feel like I may know what the 'bittersweet love' means.

But why Kyle?
Another you're-such-a-fool may come to me again. He doesnt know me. He lives so far from me. He lives a life that too different from mine. And LOTS thing make sense to say: I CANT HAVE HIM. EVEN MEET HIM IS SO F*CKIN IMPOSSIBLE.
Beside I dont find any guy whose name is preceeded by K, Kyle is not in typical guy I used to adore.
I used to adore guy like Joe Cole, Gerard Butler, Channing Tatum, Kellan Lutz... yeah you could see the similarity from those guys.
But Kyle (and Fernando Torres, firstly), isn't like that. He's not on my type, but he makes me melt♥

So, yeah, Kyle.
If the situation and God help me, I want to be your bittersweet love.


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