Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh, My Guilty Pleasure...

Okay, I'm trying to stop it.
He's too addictive!

No need to re-write who the hell he is.
I know, I DO KNOW, he's unreachable. Unrealistic for me. Impossible.

Truth hurts lots, I've learnt that too many times. Too many ways.

I know I just haven't met him yet.
But even IF I MET HIM, I'm still absurd to get along with him.
No no no.
I have to stop my obsession: havin him as my half-K. My another-K.

So, now is Imogen Heap's turn to say:

Say goodnight and go...

So, Kyle.
Thanks for being my guilty pleasure.
Thanks for being my obsession.
Thanks for being my another-K-wannabe.
Thanks for being famous so I could know you.
Thanks for not being irritated with my tweets where I mentioned you lots.
Thanks for being my bittersweet love.

Love love love,

Sorry cuz I'm so absurd.
Side-effect of being restless, sleepless, and stressed out. Fyi, it's 1.30 am when I write this. No sleep all day, and class on 7am.
You're damn rite to say I need lots of break time. But unfortunately, like Kyle, I dont have them :(


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