Thursday, May 20, 2010

18 going to be 19

I hate being 18. But I'm also happy being 18.
4 months later, I'll be 19, one year left to be twenty.
And next, perhaps twenty-something. I feel so old, though my soul's still screaming like a 7-year-old-kiddo.

I am 18, leaving my seventeen, realize that growing older is so... fast. I dunno why, I just feel it. I'm still remember all the experiences happened to me when I was 17; I learnt too much from that. I knew that I had been a tougher girl than before. But the other best part of being 17 is: I felt like my life was still sooo long ahead. I knew I'd be older, but I thought I'd always be 17 for long time. It felt like... I'd forever be seventeen.

And here we go, face the reality. Seventeen, then eighteen. Whatever I want to say, I'll forever be older that before.
All I feel now is: not living as a teenager is SUCK. More thing to be done, to be applied, to be handled.
Bein graduated from college. Havin a well-paid job. Then finally... marriage.
I dont want to live with one man forever--at least now.

Twenty and nineteen.
You'll ask me: what's the difference? The difference is only a year!
Yeah, anyone asking that is DAMN RITE. But only-a-year means lots of things.
Being twenty, we'll be sued to be what adults should be. And being adult wont be a happy-yappy-life, it wont be easy.
I'm just not ready yet.

My fave band, Forever The Sickest Kids says...

...and we will not ever be eighteen again...

Just like any nomal life, no life happens twice.
I want to be stay young. But I know, though not-being-teen anymore is suck, life's still too beautiful :)


CurlyBandidas said...

i'm 21 next 2 months ;(

Kikin Safira said...

hihihi itu namanya nasiiiib ;p
so tell me what it feels to be twenty-going-to-twenty-something!

CurlyBandidas said...

scared. aku terinspirasi sama film 21 gitu, jadi berharap ada something di umur 21. hope so!

Kikin Safira said...

kalo aku inspired by Looking for Alibrandi. bahwa umur 17 itu umur di saat kita mengetahui kebenaran. and i did so ;)

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