Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Low Productivity... no, no, this one is too random but I want to show you the note I made for Marc and Bonnie! ♥

Damn damn damn I really really hate for not havin internet connection at home anymore. My productivity on blogging is daaaamn looooww this month!!!! And say hell thanks to my ability, another special ability to forget things so damn easily. Actually I have lots stuffs to be written but I dunno why they seem to be disappear anytime I'm online and writing on this blog.
Maybe I have to fix this one and write anything that suddenly 'POP' in my head on my Gemma -____-

And that Maling is still mysterious. Hell, I wanna kill him/her soon! LOL

Aaaahhh I dont know what I should write here anymore. Btw I need to make something for video project of Marc-Bonnie wedding. Since I cant make a looong vid (only 10-15secs :\), maybe I'll make a messy note for him. I'll put in the blog later when I'm done. I promise! :D

Buh byeeeeee :3

Well, you DONT need to wait a loooong time to see my message for Marc and Bonnie ♥
Just to warn you, pleaseeee dont call this silly. This is the best I can do since I cant make a looong vid :P


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