Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's July! :)

I am soo surprised knowing THIS IS JULY!!
This means that... I've been in university for A YEAR! Well, I know it's still one year, cuz I'm still havin two-and-a-half or three years more to be graduated, but still THIS IS SURPRISING ME!

I'm still remember how I was soooo lazy to be in college. University life is totally different than high-school life. I had moreeeeeee things to do, to be learnt, and MY BOOKS ARE SOOOO DAAAAAMN THICK!! While I just needed to spend two or three caps every semester, no I have to spend EIGHT TO TEN CHAPS PER SEMESTER!! -____-"

But now, I'm gettin used to this kind of life. Gettin older, havin more responsibility. And this is for a life I want, makin my dreams come true :)

Okay. Lasr week I watched this movie:

Please, dont call me 'ababil' or somewhat. I watched it with Praend, Ghora, and Lynda. Praend and Ghora were who bought the tickets via my friend, Cahyo. The fact is we sould watch Knight and Day but Cahyo probably didn't hear Ghora so he thought we wanted to watch Twilight.
So, I call this Accidentally Eclipse xD

But that was quite fun. No, not about the movie. But the way we enjoyed the movie... that was fun!
Just imagine... two single boys, two single girls, were in a movie like Eclipse. Lots of kisses, lots of romantic scenes between Bella and Edward. And at last, we counted how many kissing scenes happen in the movie LOL

Some result of this semester had been published. They were Kewarganegaraan (Citizenship) and Business Law. I got B for KWN (as I predicted since the begining of this semester LOL) and A for Business Law. The las one was surprising. I never listened to the lecturer and study only on exams. OhmyGod.
I hope for other subjects (which I am sooo serious on :P), I'll get a good result too, though I'm kinda pessimist on Statistic -____-"

THEN MY INTERNET IS DEAD!! That's the reason why I cant be online oftenly or posting on blog eventhough I had LOTS stuffs to be written :S
Hopefully I'll have my internet back this week so I can upload some pics (especially my photos with Big Zakumi cuz I wanna shour: Hey, mines is bigger than yours LOL) and a video of Naruto dancin Super Junior's Sorry Sorry for my friend, Sora :D

And last, I am soooo happy knowing there are some people reading my blog! See the counter from day to day!! :D

Smell ya later,


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