Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gettin Alone :)

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygooooooood...
Well, bad news, my internet connection had said buh-bye to me ;(
But thanks God, I've got some new gadgets as replace :D

Btw it's been a very-very-veryyyy loooong time I didnt have no my own quality time. My activities and especially bein less-money is the biggest reason :P
And I dunno why, this week, it seems like I have much. Though it's only few hours, but that's quite enuff for me. Like now, I'm alone at Tamansari wif my netbook, Cero, nd my gadget, Gemma, enjoying Tamansari's special orange (fresh and tastyyyyyy ♥), and blogging. I hope Dito and Ira will come a lil bit late (but please not very very late!) ;P

I've just done my accounting midtest for SP. The fastest accounting exam I've done so far... ONLY THIRTY MINUTES!! OhmyGooooood I hope the result will be okay and GREAAAAT \:D/
And talkin about result... well, I got 3.56 so far for this semester for 7 subjects. I hope SosPol and Management result will appear soon CUZ I'M DYIN TO SEE MY COMPLETE RESUUUUULT!!
Especially this is my first cum laude ;)


See ya later!


melisa sudiashri said...

eciyee yg cumlaud ;D congratz ya mbak kikuuunnn :D

Kikin Safira said...

thankyouuuuu meeeeel :*

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