Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here They Go to Final...

Here the teams who will fight for World Cup trophy on final...


Hopefully the game is goin to be soooo exciting and impressive. And a chance for Torres to finally score a goal in World Cup 2010? Hahaha, perhaps ;)

I wont say anything about Spain's victory over Germany last nite. The final result is clear, Spain finally could taste their first World Cup final, and no more becomin a victim of any conspiracy. They did it, they proved it :D

Well, actually what makes me feel so disappoint is reaction from few Germany fans on my Twitter timeline. We should be wise on facing loses, as wise as we face our winnings. Just remember: real supporters never stop believeing, in good times or bad times. So, for any biatch who support Germany for any stupid reason, just shut the fvckin up! Your reasons are inlogic and please, dont ever call yourself as a fan of Germany. Please, please, please, just dont do it. That's soooo irritating!

Oh and by the way, I think I'll have my internat back this weekend! Uuuuhh, I just cant wait! :D

See ya,


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