Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I'm responsible for

I believe there are reasons for everything humans do. And I do believe people have their own stories; known or unknown.
Sometimes, people want to be treated just like what they do to others. And sometimes, they just want to get respect from others. Knowing ourselves are appreciated perhaps would be the greatest thing for our existence as human beings; the fact that people are same, and the differences between us won't change a thing.
There are people who mind to know stories and reasons behind someone. And there are people who don't. Lucky if you meet people who do. And don't feel upset if you meet people who don't.
And I guess the one who's responsible about how people treat us is ourselves :)


Anonymous said...

hello there!

i know myself better than others.

I'm Milanisti for life!

Milan per Siempre! Vergogna de Inter merda!

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