Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Greatest Two Hours of My Life :)

Hello! Hola!

It's been quite long time I dont smell you here. First, my schedule is being crazeh nowadays. And to make it worse, Cero my beloved netbook has been on the service center for a week since it suddenly died without any permission :(
Hopefully he'll be okay. And hopefully I dont need to lose any file since I haven't backed up my data yet :(

Oh, now I'm goin to write a lil bit about what happened to me.Tanggal 27-28 November kemarin, barengan sama temen-temen dari EQ, kita pergi ke Taman Buah Mangunan yang tempatnya astagaaaaa... Kayak di ujung dunia, middle of nowhere, pokoknya kata "JAUH" pun ngga bisa mendeskripsikan betapa dahsyatnya jarak yang harus kami tempuh. But we spent a great nite there! Thumbs up buat panitia Upgrading EQ yang terdiri dari anak-anak magang keren dan unyu, dan dengan kreatifnya bikin nama kelompok yang kocak (punyaku Anjing Ngeden, sodara-sodara! And guess what? Malemnya ada happening art yang harus mereprsentasikan nama kelompok zzz) dan permainan-permainan yang amatsangat ngerjain, apalagi posnya Aji yang disuruh cari tali sambil joged dan masukin bola pake kepala DAN JUGA SAMBIL JOGED! -____-

Aaaaaand do you still remember about what happened on December 4? That would be the greatest day for me and IT WAS! IT IS!
Yeah, Lifehouse came to Jakarta!!

Dont ask me how excited I was :P

With a very-very-very limited budget, I went to Jakarta on Friday, Dec 3 with my sister by train. And it's economy class. I meant, the train with the cheapest tix price. I reached Jakarta at 3am the following day and all the way I felt so.... gloomy. I didnt know and I dont know why, but lookin at the darkness outside through the window, and nothin could be seen but your reflection... That was quite melancholy. And scary. I meant, lookin at your reflection right on the eyes... trust me, I felt like lots of feeling I felt back then was relived. Moreover, I was so "galau" that night.

Okay, stay on focus. I am no longer "galau" anymore now. And I'm goin to tell ya here. But not on this part :)

At 3pm, I reached the venue: Epicentrum Walk. My uncle took me and my sist there, and since the venue is still fairly new, my uncle didnt really know where the Oval Plaza of Epicentrum is. He only turned left to see the security so we could ask him. And guess what I saw when I got in the car and  looked what's on the back of my uncle's car?

They're about to get in the car which would bring them to the hotel (maybe). And suddenly my sist and I ran to them but too late, they're already on the car and the security came between us :(
I kepr calling Jason's name and suddenly the door was opened but not by Jaso/Bryce/Rick/Ben. But by the crew and he asked me, "How many people?" My sist answered, "Just two." And he gave us Lifehouse's original autograph, NOT the scanned version omg♥

Loveeeeee eeeeeettt!

So I arrived at Epicentrum Plaza then met my friend, Tico, with a wideeeeee and biiiiiigggg smile on my face aaww♥

And since it's raining outside, penonton udah superduper engga sabar banget buat segera masuk ke area dan berteduh di sana. Setelah diperbolehkan masuk, padahal belom waktunya masuk (kata sekuriti-yang-bertampang-galak-doang), kami semua malah jadi engga sabar to be on the main stage soon! Dan terciptalah antrian panjang layaknya mengantri untuk menjajal sepatu kaca dari Pangeran Tampan (alias Pangeran Jason LOL).
But because of that, I met and talked with some of Lifehouse fans and omg it's so GREAT knowing there are lots of Lifehouse fans here! Loveeeeeeeee it♥

Ketika tiba waktunya untuk diperbolehkan masuk ke area panggung utama, semua pengantri langsung lari doooong~ Omg Tico and I finally could make it to be on the BLOODY FIRST ROW!! Is it not enuff? Well, we are on the first-middle row which meant... Jason would be RIGHT in front of me.
Could anythin be much better than that? ♥


Daaaaaan tanpa banyak basa-basi, here are the photos! \:D/

Cola Float, one of the indie band :)
Saponk, my friend's boy and guitarist of Kalih, who gave me one of the Lifehouse guitar pick :)
Kalih Band
Seriously, ini mbak-mbak nyanyi Terlanjur Sayang and when ppl around me and I sang the song the security laughed :\
Pure Saturday's vocalist, he's just sooooo gorgeous♥
Takin a short break, tired but still stoked fo Lifehouse!

SID really heated up the atmosphere!! \m/

Jayson Fernandez, Rivermaya's cute vocalist :"P
My fave pic of Jayson, but too bad it's kind of blur cuz he's movin :\

And when Rivermaya was on the stage, I saw Jason behind the speaker then my friends and I called him so loud by wavin our hands. He waved back! Awww :")

Btw here is the setlist of Lifehouse:
  1. All In
  2. Here Tomorrow Gone Today
  3. Spin
  4. Nerve Damage
  5. You and Me (approximately 5000 people sang this!♥)
  6. Whatever It Takes
  7. Wrecking Ball
  8. Jason's solo performance: Simon, Everything, Sick Cycle Carousel
  9. From Where You Are (this is when Jay said, "Wow" seeing our enthusiasm♥)
  10. Wash
  11. Blind
  12. Falling In
  13. Hanging by A Moment (not by a thread :P)
  14. Take Me Away
  15. First Time
  16. Broken
  17. Halfway Gone
  18. Everything
 And I was crying when they performed Everything :')

You know, everyone has their own dream. So do I. And I have lots.
I often feel so envy with those people who could finally go to their fave band's show. Especially it is Indonesia. And I've felt so frustrated when I had no clue Lifehouse would come here or not. I'm still 19 and it would spend money if I go abroad for Lifehouse. I'm not a rich person.
And finally they came.
Yeah, I just feel so... happy :)
And I still can cry remembering the moment. Then when I was on my way back home, only less than 12 hours rite after the show, I was still full with the happiness. And since I dont wanna forget the feeling, I made this short note.

Punggungku menghadap Jogja. Berjalan terbalik pulang. Flashback.

Can't stop singing Lifehouse songs they performed last night. Walking backwards... I feel like the euphoria is comin again.

I think I don't need to regret for havin no chance to have photos with them, or because they didn't read my note. The fact they gave me their ORI autograph -- instead of the scanned version -- shows how lucky I was. How lucky I AM.  I don't know the reason why, but I think they're really nice for doing that. And hopefully, they will remember me :)

I still remember the way Jason sang... How he closed his eyes, how his voice melted me, and how his smile made me blush. The way Jason whispered "Wow" seeing our enthusiasm.  I'm still remember how... sexy Bryce was when his hair got wet. They way Ben and Rick winked and smiled at me -- or us. Hey, I don't mean to feel too much but both of em winked when I shouted their name out loud LOL :p

The reason why we were so enthusiast last night was because WE LOVE THEM! They're just soooo amazing. 95mins isn't enuf to show how HUGE our love is. To be honest, I think I could stand, sing, and dance on the first row till dawn. And also keep shouting "JASON/BRYCE/RICK/BEN, I LOVE YOU!!"

I really appreciate em since they performed 'Everything' as their last song. It's just... so lovely. They guys are my and our everything. And glad to know we're everything for em. Rememberin this still can make me cry. I cry for happiness.

I love you, Lifehouse. I love you.
I really do.
Waitin for 10 years only feels like a blink of an eye after seeing you last night.
Hopefully I can see ya again.

I wish this kind of feelin would never fade away. I'll keep it in my heart and in my mind. And by these words, I only wish anytime I read this, it could relive the feelin and the memories.

Again, I love you Jason, Bryce, Rick, and Ben.
I'll whisper these words until you realize these are mine.


From Jakarta to Jogja,
December 5, 2010

Silly, huh? Haha sorry I'm not a good writer if you ask me to write something romantic. But the only thing I know is I wrote that with lots of love. And the love is still on my heart, I can feel it grows big and bigger :)

Finally I know what it feels like when people you love for years (in my case, I've been a fan of Lifehouse since I was in junior high school. It's about 7 years has passed :p) finally come and you can see them closer.

I still feel so amazed knowing I stood right in front of Jason. He was only few meters, maybe 3-4meters, from me! And when I got em were about to get in the car after the rehearsal and when I was lookin for the venue, they're much closer than that.

This is why I feel I was still lucky :)

Omg I've written so long. And so much. Hopefully none of you stop reading this when you're still halfway gone haha :p
And here are Lifehouse photos I took by myself. I am so sorry if I only could take few of Rick cuz he was behind Jason and I stood rite before him. And the light... Omg I just cant help it. I'm not a pro photographer and I only used a 7.2 Mega Pixel digicam with me. Beside Bryce and Ben were on the left and right and when I tried to take a photo of them, the light was almost always ruin it :\
But hopefully you'll enjoy em! :)

Seriously, Tico falls in love with Ben! Lucky you, Tico. He's so romantic. And the tattoo, guitar, the hair... Oh, what else? ;)

Actually really wanted to thank him personally for replyin my tweet on my b'day and made my day :')

I just cant stand seeing him sweating... I wish I was his towel LOL ♥ oh, and HE'S MY FIRST LOVE! Haha :P

Hello, Rick! Eventho I only could take few photos of you, at least the result was quite good :)
Who wants the hips? Me want!

One of Jay's photos I took I love!
You know, Jason? This photo could make me melt if I keep starin on it! :p

Their final bow. Please come again ♥

Oh, and have I mentioned about Lifehouse guitar pick I got from Saponk, my friend's boyfriend?

See ya!


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